Sunday, August 1, 2010


I did it! I made the Pikachu hat! And with plenty of time to spare! ^_^

(pic up soon, I promise!!!)

As I mentioned in my last post, my brother gave me orders to make this hat for him which he had seen on Secretlifeofabionerd!

Inspiration from Secretlifeofabionerd

My bro gave me until Tuesday to make this hat! But I've actually finished it today!

It was actually rather a fun project to do! Really easy and I couldn't help but smile as the piece started to take shape and look like Pikachu!

It was recommended that you use a stretch fleece, but unfortunately, after trekking all over Dublin city centre... I could not find a fabric store that stocked a yellow stretch fleece (or a stretch fleece!). So I popped into Penneys (Primark in Ireland for those that don't know) and purchased a XL mens yellow tee for €3 after some advice from the staff at Fabric Select (who were very very lovely!).

I still have enough left to make a second hat!... should I? (I think my brother would kill me, either that or die of embarrassment if that his sister has a matching hat! hehe!)

Bina :o)

Friday, July 30, 2010

Teddy Bear Ears

This is a cute little soft hat that I made from an old hoodie that was being binned anyway, after I got it CAUGHT on a bush which ripped a hole in the side!

Secretlifeofabionerd recently posted up a tutorial for a Cosplay Pikachu Beanie Hat. I was watching it when my brother happened to creep up behind me to attack me, but thankfully, he then got distracted by the coolness that is this hat!!!

He had now demanded that I make this hat for him, and he has set me a deadline (Tuesday, 3rd August)! ^_^ Don't worry, I was actually excited by this! He's never asked me to make him anything before and I'm looking forward to making it for him!

But I needed to make a test hat! (I do tend to fail in my sewing conquests! ...and I didn't want it to be a complete and utter disappointment to my bro when I rolled up to him with a pathetic hat... hehee!)

Teddy Bear Ears Hat

So, I whipped up this teddy bear ears hat with an old red hoodie and a white tee I got for free! It's a wee bit small for my head! But I think it'll make a nice little present for my cousin's little girl!

KL Cao of Secretlifeofabionerd actually has this hat on sale in her online shop. It's where I got my inspiration from.

I might add a similar bow to make it even more kawaii. Anyway, for now, here's ho
w it looks!

The front

The back

Bina :o)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freedom at Topshop haul

(Sorry to anyone who randomly happens to stumble upon my blog and cannot get to Dublin in time! ...)

Get yourself to Topshop in Arnotts on Henry Street. Bargains galore! And I didn't even have to climb downstairs! In fact I ended up spending €10.00 (which was further reduced to €9.00 with student discount! ^_^ tehehee!) for items that actually totalled €90 all together...shocking, ain't it?

So it all began with a trip out to town today for a few bank-related errands... and of course, I couldn't help but visit a few shops!

And I wasn't planning on going into Arnotts, but I happened to peek my head through the
entrance (against the wishes of my brother) and found so many bargains! There were two rails (back and front) full of jewellery pieces for less than 3euro! Most of them were only 1euro!!! ^_^ Happy days!

I didn't dare go downstairs to the clothes (cos I really should be concentrating on finding a job to earn money, rather than spend it!)

Here are a few items that I picked up!

cream lace bow brooch pin

golden autumn leaves neckpiece

love necklace

heartbreaker necklace (two chains and two pendants)

pearl heart earrings and sunflower earrings set

vertical diamante love necklace

So, get yourself down to Topshop (in Arnotts) asap!

Bina :o)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I know I said I was going to start off easy... but even I surprised myself with this one... (Before making this, I did not have the confidence in myself to produce something that was of a good standard!)

This piece looks so well!!! I'm so happy with it! I was thinking about this project for a long time, but now I am so happy it turned out so well! (I could also have worn it as a headband piece but I didn't have time to take a photo!)

This was the last of the first cotton print fabric I ever bought and I was so glad that I had enough in my scraps to make it! It is such a gorgeous paisley print with enough lilac to make me feel pretty!

Oddly, I found the instructions on unclear. It seems to skip steps and I had to just improvise, for example, the bow itself seems to just be seamed in the tutorial. But I actually sewed it right sides together and left a gap to flip it inside out.

I also found, when marking the fabric, that the measurement were a bit small. So I added a bit of extra bit to each amount... even still, I think the next time I make one, I'd like a bigger bow, and a longer tie...

I have to admit that I would have not have had the motivation to do this on my own. I ended up giving this piece away as a birthday present. I was making this piece anyway, when I was informed of plans to attend a friend's birthday, albeit, slowly with lots of procastination. But once I confirmed that I was going to head out for the birthday, I instantly focused my attention on finishing the project and I ironed everything before sewing (which I don't always do! I know... big sewing faux-pas!)

But I feel the best motivation for doing anything is when you are doing it for others rather than yourself.
What's the point of having a gift, a passion, a talent... if you don't share it?

I hope that the girl I gave this to, feels as pretty as I did when I wore it!

Bina :o)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need a drink!

... of OJ!

Unfortunately, over the last while, my creative juices have not being flowing the way I want them too... in fact, they're pretty much non-existant.

I feel as though I have lost a bit of my identity in the last few months. Finishing up at university and more significantly, having no concrete plans for the future have left me lost. I have no purpose in life, and this has had a huge impact on my wellbeing. I feel like I have lost myself in the last while and I am determined to get back to me!

So I'm gonna TRY and start sewing again, boost my creative juices... with a bit of orange juice and a SMALL but significant (to me) sewing project!
I'm going to try out this gorgeous bow tie neckpiece from Kaitlin of
She posted up this tutorial on a while ago. I instantly fell in love with this when I saw it... so let's see how I get on!

Bina :o)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

She bangs, she bangs!

I haven't had a fringe in the longest time ever. I think that since my first set of bangs back when I was 8, I've always had some sort of fringe.

And for the first time in years, I noticed that I didn't have a fringe anymore! :-o My fringe had actually outgrown by so much that I forgot I once had a fringe! I kinda missed it so I figured, what the heck... (hair grows!). So I whipped out a pair of scissors and a comb and hey presto, bangs to the side! :)
I actually kinda wish I hadn't cut it. It requires so much maintenance and upkeep and it will get in my way a lot. So I think the bangs won't be seen often. I'm going to just pin them back and take them out once in a while and let em down.

Anyway, what do you think of bangs? In, out? So last year?

Bina :o)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodbye Threadbanger?

If you haven't heard by now, well, where have you sewing DIY buddies gone - Rob, Corinne and Meg have left the Threadbanger building! *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*.

There has been huge uproar in the Threadbanger forum and Youtube over how talented trio left no "real" explanation for their decisions to leave. But is that really fair? People have decided that they are owed an explanation...what?! why???

Over the last two weeks, I have watched as comments such as 'where are you? why are you not posting up any more videos anymore?' and 'i thought this was a sewing channel'... but who are we to demand that Meg, Rob or Corinne provide us with the reason they left? Clearly, there are some background issues involved. Many of the regular bloggers on threadbanger have also left. Even TB's newest installment, Secretlifeofabionerd wasn't informed that they were leaving. She was in fact excited to be working alongside the dynamic trio as she has stated in many of her replies to distasteful hate comments under her videos.
I was shocked to see such mean comments towards bionerd and how many comments were hypocritical in nature (as she and many of her fans touch on in their many replies).

I, myself will be upset to see them go. Despite the fact that I was never extremely active on TB and I had never really contacted Meg, Rob or Corinne, I did enjoy their many videos and they will be sorely missed. I always looked forward to the next video that TB put up on youtube. But now, I'm excited about replaying their old videos and doing the projects that I never got around to!

I must admit that I might unsubscribe to the Threadbanger channel if they don't find someone else (ALONG with bionerd). It is annoying that the same video comes up twice in my updates (as I am subscribed to both TB and bionerd).

But I wish Corinne, Rob and Meg the BEST OF LUCK with their future projects! I know they won't need it tho! and THANK YOU for all the hard work you've put in for us threadheads... (even if some of them seem ungrateful now!)

btw, Meg/Corinne/Rob...if one of you happen to stumble on this random blog post in the world of blogosphere, please keep us posted with what ever exciting plans lie ahead! I am following your twitters!
(In order of appearance) Meg, Corinne and Rob

I'd also like to wish Secretlifeofabionerd ALL THE BEST with her regular stint on TB. I hope she continues to experience the success that she has had so far! :) (btw, congratulations on getting a stint on TB... I know that she started out as threadhead and was a fan of TB during her journey! So it's great to see her progress to where she is now!)

I hope the trio are happy and that bionerd is ignoring the bad, because the good she achieves will be worth it in the end.

Thank you to gothictany73 for making this tribute to the trio. It was beautiful.

Bina :o)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

DIY: Earring Holder

I have a tonne of earrings hidden away in my wardrobe... But there are a certain few that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and I would wear on a regular basis... you know which ones I mean... [the ones that as soon as you put them away, you take them out again and wear them around!].

So here's an easy project for you to store your favourite pieces and keep them within easy reach! :)

Here's a few things you need:- frame
- PVA glue
- fabric
- decorative pieces

I used the glue to stick the lace over the top of the frame! This will be used to hang earring.

I formed a second pouch along the bottom of the frame by glue-ing the lace to the frame (from the inside).

I then added a few pieces to decorate the frame. (I originally sewed the flower to lace and then glued it to the frame afterwards to give it extra support.)

This is what you should end up with.

Here is what the pouch looks can hold stud earrings as well as rings and bracelets etc.

It is such a quick and easy project to do. Let me know if you try it out!

Bina :o)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Purple Swim Sun Dress

It's such a beautiful day outside so I decided to dress up and sit out in the sun (with my SPF 30 of course!) ... I bought a new dress yesterday while I was out... didn't even try it on but it looks great!! So I'm uber-happy!!! :) It's a halterneck swimdress dress to wear a bikini under...but it looks well as a day dress (which I badly NEED! All I own are formal dresses, nothing casual!)

Dress: Dunnes Stores (sale) €4.00
Cardi: Topshop €18.00
Vest: Penneys €4.00
Heels: Heatons (sale) €7.00
Chunky Gold Bracelet: Penneys €3.00
Thin Gold Bracelet [part of three (originally silver!)]: Penneys
Thin Wooden bracelet [part of three]: A-Wear (present)
Earrings: Penneys (sale) €0.50
Headband: Penneys (sale) €1.00
Flower Ring: Penneys: €3.00
Pearl Bracelet [part of necklace-bracelet set]: Dunnes (sale) €3.00

I hope you have a lovely sunny day! Don't forget your sun protection! :)

Bina :o)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Won My First Giveaway!!!

I am one of those people that is forever entering giveaways and contests on youtube, on facebook, on blogs, everywhere I can.

But unfortunately, I'm one of those people that never win!
(Random does not like me! lol!)

But last month, I entered a fabric giveaway from Lyndi's blog! And I found out today, that I won one of her prizes. (Albeit, there were three prizes, and I was one of three entries!). But hey, it's still a contest and I still won! :o) hehee!

Let's hope this is the start of a winning streak, eh? (Wishful thinking, no?)

Bina :o)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Dress Form Tutorial

Hi guys,

I have badly needed one of these forEVER (well, that's what it feels like!) And I had been doing a lot of research online about looking into buying a dress form when... guess what! The internet came to my rescue! Make your own body form... (one that is FAR more accurate to your body shape...AND significantly cheaper....yes please!)

All you need is duct tape, scissors and a tshirt (or black plastic bag).

Saw this idea originally on Threadbanger. This video is great! :)

But also, I read that there was another video available on Mimi Goodwin's blog.
But for some reason, Mimi's video would not load for me.

So I decided, since I was gonna be making one anyway... I might as well make a video for others to check out as well! :)

Note: This is not an original idea by me, it is simply my attempt to produce something I need in a cheap and resourceful way! :o)

Hope this video helps you!

Special thanks to my bestest buddy for helping me tape myself up! lol!

Bina :o)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Photo Collages

Need a present ASAP?

I have found that nothing says 'personal' like a photo collage and I've become a REAL fan of making photo collages since my secondary school days. I don't have a tutorial on how to make one... but it's pretty self explanatory! Bit of Prittstick, fancy paper, frame, the pictures and boom...Photo collage done!

I'm always collecting bits and pieces of scrapbooking paper with the intention of using them in future photo collages... Here's my little collection... (I've reused A4 covers and dividers from folders).

Here are a few photo collages that I have made over the last few years...

(Enter pic here)

This was made for Dilu's birthday back in 2006.
We had taken a class trip to Dingle where we got to meet Fungi the dolphin :o)

This was made for Kim's 20th Birthday in 2008.
We (Dilu and I) printed the photo using a Kodak Picture Kiosk in our local pharmacy.
These kiosks are great, because they give you the option to print photos in miniature sizes,
allowing you to put four pictures on the one photo card.

We finished with feathers around the frame, stickers randomly placed
and a personalised message in the middle!

I made this for Jess when she graduated in 2009.
We got to know Jess via Matt and she was leaving for home (back in NY) and
we had all bonded over Trinity Ball that year, so I felt we had to do something small.

This was recently made for Matt's Leaving Do last week.
(Hence why I had to wait to post this up!... Couldn't post it before he received his surprise pressie!)
Matt was leaving for home (back in NJ) and was starting work in Philly
so we had to get him a going away pressie!
We used personalised messages from each of us and
positioned the mini pictures around one main picture of Matt.

Looks good, doesn't it?

I don't think it matters whether you print on photo paper or not... I've done both (depending on my funds available lol!)... And I found that printing colour on normal paper works as well as printing on photo paper! :) Below, the former is done with photo paper, and the latter is done with normal A4 paper. Really does not make a difference, it still looks good!

So next time you need a good present... try this out!

Bina :o)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Apologies for my lack of posts! I have finally finished college!! Had my final exam today! It's so weird knowing that today was my last time walking around Trinity with a purpose...

(As I was wandering up to Luce Hall for my final exam, I did think to myself that those trees were definitely NOT there for Trinity Ball... check out the trees on New Square... were those trees always there? Why is it that they seem to disappear on TB night? lol!)

Anywho, I shall be getting back into the world of crafting! Adding more jewellery pieces to the agenda and maybe more tuts! Have a tonne of projects lined up! Can't wait to get started! Woop woop! Should be great fun! Stay tuned to find out more!

Bina :o)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Best TRIP* ever!

OMG... yesterday, whilst I was carrying on with the most mundane of tasks; the hoovering/vacuum cleaning/whatever you want to call it...


I was alone in the sitting room and was just wiping down the surfaces, and my brother and dad were in the kitchen... I was trying to bring the cloth to the kitchen, but the doorway out of the sitting room was blocked by the hoover!

I don't know what I was thinking... but in those brief few seconds, I admit... I thought I was a ninja!!! I did a little running jump, miscalculated, and landed flat on my FACE! :-o


My knees got the brunt of the damage... got carpet burn and a major bruise coming up! But jaysus, I haven't had such a fall in quite some time!!! Made me feel like I was a child again and made me remember all those tumbles that I experienced growing up!

It was weird. I was in pain, but I couldn't help but laugh at myself and smile at how happy I was! :) The pain was totally worth it! haha!

Was such a loud thud, my family must have thought the TV fell over or something! It was quite a dramatic fall!

Bina :o)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Finally Starting Study

Official START to the world of STUDY!


Enough said really.

Ah now, in fairness it's going alright, seeing as I've a month to go, and I've only just started! Freaking out about one subject in particular, but in general, I'm excited about the progress that I will be making, I hope!

Bina :o)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today, Bina is Watching LOST!

Are you found? or are you still LOST?

SPOILER ALERT: This entry discusses the hit show, LOST and may give away plot details and endings. Read on at your own will. Stop here if you will be offended by the following discussion which involved revelations etc.

[Image from: Retrieved: 29 March 2010]

So, yes! I am one of those losers who is still watching LOST. I'm not going to pretend I'm the only one though... cos I know there are many closet-LOST-fans out there lol!!

So yes, six seasons in and you are either getting further confused or slowly having that 'A-haaa' moment!


[Image from: Retrieved:29 March 2010 ]

Anyone see the episode that aired last week? (Thursday, RTE2, 9pm or Friday, Sky One, 9pm...yes, we do get it before you, UK, in Ireland :P)

I slowly had that A-HA moment when Jacob explained the island to Richard (Ricarrrrrdo...yummers!) ... Man in Black is evil!!! And the island is indeed a prison, for Man in Black. But now that Jacob is dead (yes, Ben killed him), there's a brief time slot for Man in Black to escape and release his menacing ways to the globe... And he must do it before Jacob is succeeded (by Richard, methinks).

So why are all those other people on the island then (I hear you ask)? If you saw the episode, Jacob explains that there is a goodness in people as well as a darkness. However, Jacob believes that goodness will always prevail. So he brings people to the island to show this Man in Black who believes that darkness always wins.

So is Jacob evil (for bringing people to the island)? In a way, I can see what you're saying... it can be interpretated as Jacob's darkness... to be toying around with peoples' lives in the way that he does. But... he is trying to prove that the humanity in people lives on, even in times of desperation, when it seems plausible that people would turn to darkness, instead they look towards goodness, out of their own will.

Unlike Jacob, Man in Black tries to sway their behaviour by influencing their decisions using a medium of someone they once knew (hence, he is now "evil Locke" ...if you didn't already know, Locke is also dead!). So it seems that darkness only comes about if induced (with a high level of manipulation!)

So the question now is, are you found, or are you still LOST?

Can't wait for the end of this series... I'm so over it at this stage... Just want to know so I can move on with my life! lol!

Bina :o)

[Again, sorry if you've decided to read on... I did ruin a lot of surprises for you!]

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today, Bina is... PROCRASTINATING!

It's true... I'm definitely finding wonderful ways to procrastinate... and oddly enough, it doesn't involve sewing! I haven't had any fabric...or any time for fabric shopping and am considering purchasing fabric online...(will update if I find any good sellers!)

So yesterday I made a video... today? I decided to cook!

I'm now grossed out by meat (slightly... but not enough to turn me back to vegetarian ways!) I had to debone the meat, stick it into a blender to make mince and add vegetable.

It turned out great! Like mini chicken burgers... or dippers ...or fritters! Whatever you want to call it! Don't they look yummy!!!

The best part... I get the first taste!
The worst part... the washing up! :( lol! :)

Bina :o)

Friday, February 26, 2010

The End is Near!

It's the Friday of Hilary Term Six of my final year... which means next week is Reading Week... (a week off to 'study', I mean STUDY!) but that all implies, I only have four weeks of lectures, and two weeks of study left! :-o

Now I know what you're thinking! 'Calm down... you'll do fine in your exams!' (which I have to start properly studying for ASAP... i.e this week woman!)

But I'm actually panicking because of the thought of not seeing these people everyday!

God, I love my friends!

Bina :o)

Monday, February 22, 2010

So cold.... brrrrrrrrr!!!

I know I often complain about it being so cold!! But it really is!

I had such high hopes to go to the gym this morning! My alarm went off at 6.30 in the morning and I flicked on the radio in time for the news while I had a snooze...

And guess what the temperature was... -5 degrees Celcius! Yuck!

So I decided not to go swimming. I don't want to catch a cold, see!

And I slept in til 10! Yikes!

I snoozed til 10! And decided I needed to get up! And I was fully expecting it to be white outside with a blanket of snow! (So much so, that I was considering getting my wellies out from the shed!) And what happens? I get up, look out my window and nothing! Looks like a normal day! I can still see the ground! lol!

So boy, did I feel guilty?! I'll make up for it 2mro! :P

And this time, I'll keep warm in my nice new BESS hoodie! :) Yay!

Bina :o)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

So it's that time of year again, the holiday that Hallmark just loves!!!

As a solo lady, I decided to embrace my single status and celebrate it. So I made a heart keycharms for my friends who were also celebrating their first V-Day without a b-f.

It was made from baby pink polymor clay. I decided to paint it red, but I didn't have any acryllic paint! :( I was informed (through a bit of websurfing) that poster paint (or any water-based paint) DOES NOT WORK!

But all I had was watercolours or regular poster paint! :( So I tried it out anyway, and it's true... poster paint sucks on polymer clay! The paint just slides off; it can be wiped off really easily! So I dapped the paint on using the spokes and let it dry and applied some clear nail polish. And it gave off this really cool effect!!!

Because I was making it for my friends, I wrote 'Me' on one side and 'You' on the other. I also made some mini hearts, I added some links and made the keyring. I had a few left over and made myself a phone charm! :)

Who says Valentine's Day is for couples...?

Happy Singles Appreciation Day!!!

In the words of Beyonce,
All the single ladies, PUT YO HANDS UP!
And if you really hate all this Valentine's nonsense... Happy Chinese New Year!!! :)

Hope you're having a great day however you decide to celebrate today!!!!

ARGH!!!! Unfortunately for me, today is sorta tainted by sickness! I went out last night... and feel a bit flu-ey today!! Who am I kidding?! I did it, I ATE CHEESE!!! (I'm not supposed to eat cheese... but I'm NOT lactose-intolerant!) I had cheese on crackers last night before going out... So today, I AM suffering! lol!!!

So I had to drink the yucky Disprin water that's supposed to make me recover! :( And I'm staying in my PJ's all day!!! Muhahaha!Luckily for me, my mom just opened up the box of Lindt choccies!!! Yum yum!

Whatever you decide to do, have a great day!!

Bina :o)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's TAF Week!!

It's Trinity Arts Festival Week this week!!!

This usually means nothing to me... absolutely diddley-squat... but not this year...

In all my years at Trinity College Dublin, I have never really done anything as a part of this amazing festival... so I thought this year, it'll be different!

I read a little schedule. And they have so many amazing events on this year!

Yesterday, I visited the Provost's House!!! This probably means absolutely nothing to you, but it's definitely one thing I can cross off my list... Originally, I actually wanted to meet the Provost and get a photo with him... (I think I'll try do this at Trinity Ball when he's dressed in his finest! lol!) If I can't do that... what's the next best thing? ... getting into his gaff! haha! Oh yea!

And today, I went to a 'make your own jewellery' session! And I made this beautiful piece!

Unfortunately, I ended up having to choose jewellery making over a talk with Apprentice Star Bill Cullen! But all was not lost, I ended up bumping into him on Front Square! yay! totally starstruck! Eep!

Tomorrow, there's a clothes customising workshop on... but unfortunately, I have to do an on-site meeting for a college assignment... Also gonna miss Thrillah! Which was set to be the biggest event ever... (sorry Richie!).

I'm still buzzing from the jewellerymaking!!! :) :)

Check this shizzle out! :D

Bina :o)
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