Saturday, March 27, 2010

Today, Bina is Watching LOST!

Are you found? or are you still LOST?

SPOILER ALERT: This entry discusses the hit show, LOST and may give away plot details and endings. Read on at your own will. Stop here if you will be offended by the following discussion which involved revelations etc.

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So, yes! I am one of those losers who is still watching LOST. I'm not going to pretend I'm the only one though... cos I know there are many closet-LOST-fans out there lol!!

So yes, six seasons in and you are either getting further confused or slowly having that 'A-haaa' moment!


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Anyone see the episode that aired last week? (Thursday, RTE2, 9pm or Friday, Sky One, 9pm...yes, we do get it before you, UK, in Ireland :P)

I slowly had that A-HA moment when Jacob explained the island to Richard (Ricarrrrrdo...yummers!) ... Man in Black is evil!!! And the island is indeed a prison, for Man in Black. But now that Jacob is dead (yes, Ben killed him), there's a brief time slot for Man in Black to escape and release his menacing ways to the globe... And he must do it before Jacob is succeeded (by Richard, methinks).

So why are all those other people on the island then (I hear you ask)? If you saw the episode, Jacob explains that there is a goodness in people as well as a darkness. However, Jacob believes that goodness will always prevail. So he brings people to the island to show this Man in Black who believes that darkness always wins.

So is Jacob evil (for bringing people to the island)? In a way, I can see what you're saying... it can be interpretated as Jacob's darkness... to be toying around with peoples' lives in the way that he does. But... he is trying to prove that the humanity in people lives on, even in times of desperation, when it seems plausible that people would turn to darkness, instead they look towards goodness, out of their own will.

Unlike Jacob, Man in Black tries to sway their behaviour by influencing their decisions using a medium of someone they once knew (hence, he is now "evil Locke" ...if you didn't already know, Locke is also dead!). So it seems that darkness only comes about if induced (with a high level of manipulation!)

So the question now is, are you found, or are you still LOST?

Can't wait for the end of this series... I'm so over it at this stage... Just want to know so I can move on with my life! lol!

Bina :o)

[Again, sorry if you've decided to read on... I did ruin a lot of surprises for you!]

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