Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween! ... tis a great time of year! :o) But this wasn't always the case for me!

It was hard to celebrate halloween when I was in my teens... when I was young, we went trick-or-treating. But as soon as I hit 11... I found it hard... my parents didn't really want me to be out on Halloween night on my own (and rightly so!). So for those years, I wasn't sure what to do... Do I tell my friends that I'm busy with my family? or should I just tell them, I wasn't allowed?! :o( How sucky was that!

But now, that I'm 20... I know how to enjoy it! For the last few years, we had been doing a family and friends movie night, which consisted of all the Asian kids on the street! We would just pick a house and pick a movie, and stay out till LATE watching movies!

But this year was by far the best... [not because of the quality of the movie as the girl who organised it this year didn't have movies!!!] but because it was the first time we all fit in!
Before, it was really awkward for us older kids to have the younger ones with us watching the scary movies... They didn't want to hang around us as much as we didn't wanna hang around them... Our parents forced us to.

But this time round...those young kids were young adults...all between 15-19... they faced the same challenges I faced as an Asian in a western world...and it became hugely apparent in the time we spent on Halloween night that we were not that different. It was great to know that finally we had a link, a connection. We belonged together as a group. We ended up having a blast on Halloween and talking about things that would have been spoken of before this night!
It's great to (finally) have a network friends in your family who understand!

As you can see from the above, we had a ninja, a molly dolly, a male hooker, a vampire, a nerd, a manga character, the joker, a pimp and smiling zombie at the bottom there!!

Hope you all had a great Halloween, as I did!

Happy Halloween!
Bina :o)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Graham Norton, anyone...?

I was watching Mock the Week on BBC one day [it was ages ago] and I was wondering how you get to be in the audience (because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Dara O'Briain...such a funny man!)! So I went online and did a bit of research! And I found a website after a few minutes!

I signed up to it which emailed you free tickets for various shows! I'd been getting lots of random emails regarding new shows that had not yet been aired which I've been IGNORING so far...

But then randomly, the other week, I got an email for the
tickets I requested for his chat show on BBC!!!
So of course, you do the maths...
four tickets + four girlies = FUN FUN FUN!
So I accepted the tickets, told the girlies, and now we're all flying over to LAN-DAN baby! :o) Yay! Flights and hotel booked! Eeeeeeek! Can't wait!

But jaysus, booking the flights was so annoying! Damn you Ryanair! >:( The people setting the rates for taxes and charges are just having a laugh! It was riduculous getting a flight for €9.99 then, ending up with a total of €50 each for the one flight over!!! And worse still, prices constantly changed! So we were trying to book the flights together but it was difficult when we weren't constantly together. At first Luton was cheapest to fly with, but prices soon SOARED! So I told the girlies to wait one more day before booking!

In the end, [screw you, Michael O'Leary in the same way you tried to screw us is business, no hard feelings], we got our flights for under €30 each via Stansted (which was significantly lower than the day before!).


Graham Norton is gonna be FAB! Watch out London! The Irish are invading! :o)

Bina :o)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Wardrobe's Finished

So the fitters were a few days late... but the wardrobe is finally done!!! :) Yay! It looks so much better now, cos it feels more complete... I mean the top is no longer MISSING! :o)

The only problem I have is how they decided to solve the issue of the air vent... randomly popped holes really doesn't do it for me... but, hey! who am I to complain?! I finally have my room back with a great wardrobe!

It's now fully arranged! I feel so proud! I've got myself a casual every day section, jeans shelf, tops, hoodies, jammies and formal section with shoes and accessories! And most importantly, I have a CLEAN ROOM again... (I wonder how long it'll last this time!? lol! hehee!)

Bina :o)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

For the girlies....

Girlies, this year has been difficult, especially in the last few months... Not only do we have the pressures of college... but then the added stress that occurs from members of the opposite sex...

We all had issues with boys, whether they are our bf's, or our ex's and even the potential bf's... argh! Boys... you don't know how frustrating you can be...

This post is not only for my friends, but also for anyone reading who's going through any boy trouble!!!

It's time to stop looking for your perfect man,
Because, this time, he's gonna come find you!

Bina :o)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Projects so far...

Hi all,

I have mentioned that I have done a lot of projects already! So I thought I'd just post them all up... (just in case u thought I was all talk)...made a lot of random bits and pieces already... some pressies, some for me (hehe...I'm so greedy!)

Anyway, here they are... hope you like them!

(Pic will be up soon!)
Be Proud Of Where You Come From
This is the first thing I ever did on my own... it was a really loose boys tee ...we have tonnes of these! Don't know why, but we just FEEL the need to bring back loads of tourist-y stuff back from every visit home to Nepal, so I turned it into a fitted tank! I found that them straps are not as easy to do as ppl say! Maybe that's just me tho! I am often the ODD ONE! :o)

Purple Floral Print Blouse Top
This was my first proper official project on a sewing machine! I went to a sewing class and everything for it! Bought proper fabric, and ribbon, and a spool of thread! Ten weeks, for two hours of learning how to use a sewing machine properly and some good old girly gossip as well! And this was the outcome!!! Well worth it! :o)

Flower Denim Skirt
I made these from an old pair of skinnies that I absolutely loved!! I thought it would be easy enough... just snip off the legs and cut a straight line through! But then, when I started to do it, I realised, "not so much!"... I wanted a skirt, not a belt!!! So I cut it to the length I wanted... and then realised, it wasn't as easy as that... the crotch bit had to be sorted first! After a lot of pinning and rejigging, I did it!!! And it looks fine! And I added a little custom flower to it, looks uber cute on!
Knitting Projects
I made a few ventures into the world of knitting and crocheting... and I made these little bits and bobs... I've got quite the knack for it! I originally started to make the scarf first (sometime LAST YEAR, probably, summer '08!) and obviously, it took AGES so I got a wee bit distracted... But then I started to crochet this summer and I tried out the hat first, then I made the cute little baby booties!

I'll post up more, so keep an eye out!

Bina :o)

The MESS is back!

The fitters are BACK to try and fix the mess they left behind!!! We decided because of the LACK of space in my room, that I needed to get Sliding Wardrobes... Now, in fairness, it wasn't too bad. I actually like my new wardrobe! Actually I LOVE it! There's so much more space in my room, it's fantastic! And I'm also able to chuck in crap that I leave lying around so that my room is still "tidy"...hehe! (Just don't look in the wardrobe!)

But there were a few problems... like... Photos follow...!

1. they never finished it at the top, so we can still see the ceilings.

2. they didn't fit the frame of the sliding door properly so we can still see the floor

3. and the center isn't centered so... the pulley drawers hit off the sliding doors and have left a mark!

So they are going to HAVE to probably re-do the entire thing... so I have yet to see the damage! lol! ;op

Let see how it goes...

Bina :o)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Tihar and Bhai Tikka

Tihar is the BIGGEST FESTIVAL in Nepal! It's like Christmas for us Hindus! :o) Known as the festival of lights, we worship the Goddess Laxmi, goddess of wealth! It's always a great time to be at home...cos it's just buzzing. And the house is decorated beautifully! :o)

Tonight is the last day of Tihar! And it's Bhai Tikka, where we, sisters, wish our brothers fortune and we pray for them to have a long, prosperous life! I am not only a sister to my two brothers, but also to two other young Nepali boys who live in the area but do not have a sister. So it's like I've adopted them as brothers too! Or rather they've adopted me as a sister!

We've grown up as one BIG FAMILY surrounded by love and care. I actually remember collecting him from school one day because his parents were going to be out so I picked him up from outside his classroom and brought him home to my parents to look after him. It was before his younger brother was born and he was so young that he started a little conversation with me about having brothers and sisters. He told me how he felt lonely in his house, and how he wished he had a brother or sister to play with... And then, looking up at me, with his sad eyes, he asked,
"Will you be my sister?"
... I remember my eyes welling up with TEARS, and I said "Of course, don't be silly! Of course I am your sister!"

And since then, we have always celebrated Tihar together as one big happy family, with a couple of new additions... My uncle and his family came from Nepal and now reside in Ireland, so we have a new "sister" and "brother" cousins! It is quite the occasion, a nice time to spend with family.

So I just wanted to take the time to wish you all a

Happy Tihar and enjoy celebrating Bhai Tikka!

These are just some pics from our Bhai Tikka!Jai Nepal!

Bina :o)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

First Day Back...

...after being SICK! Don't you just hate it when you've been out sick! ...Don't ask me what was wrong with me, I have no idea... but I have an appointment with the college doc at TCD on Thurs (first one I could get...). I felt ill on Monday, and left college early... I braved in on Tues... by Wed, I could only stand the one lecture... went home after that and I just haven't been in since... just feeling very weak and very flu-ey (don't worry! NOT swine flu!) I've been bed-ridden for most of these days...well, sofa-ridden! lol! We're having the wardrobes fitted at the moment, so of course, my room just HAD to be used for all the sawing/drilling/cutting/etc... :-(

The WORST PART of being sick... Just the feeling of all the work you have to catch up on! :o( I am dreading it! :o( Especially cos I know that I haven't done a tap of work for an entire WEEK! And I'm back on Monday with two tutorials that I have not prepared for! :o( Oh noooo! And the feeling of an exam approaching in less than a week, and the assignments that I have to start... :o( wah wah wah!!!

And you know the worst part of it, I have two ugly betties on my face!

They popped up overnight... and I'm gonna try do that toothpaste trick that ppl advise... I'll let you know how I get on! lol! :-( (I did go a bit overboard with the toothpaste a bit... but hey, just making sure I got it all! bahaha!)

Anyway, enough about the bad times, let's focus on the good times... I'll let you know when that rolls around... ;op lol!

Bina :o)

Monday, October 12, 2009

A Little Too [...what's the word?] Young (?) for me...

I made this top the other day from an old tee shirt I had when I was 11...

I actually found the instructions for it on youtube... and I thought it looked amazing on her! It really did...

But now that I've made it, I don't think it really suits me... It's kinda too young for me... I mean, maybe I can pull it off in the summer, when I'm out in the sun with a pair of shorts and some flip flops ...on holidays.... but not in Ireland!!
Yellow Rib Cage Tee
I might have another go, on a different tee that's maybe more suitable for the Irish weather (when I've a bit more time!) but the fear is that I might ruin another tee-shirt!!! hehe!

Should I just go for it?? ...we shall see...

Bina :o)

R.I.P. Stephen Gately

I was saddened to hear the tragic news of the sudden death of Stephen Gately :o( and I just wanted to pay a tribute to him on my blog...

My thoughts are with his friends and family.

His memories will not be forgotton.
Rest in Peace, Stephen.
"I know this love's forever,
That's all that matters now,
No matter what."
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