Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween! ... tis a great time of year! :o) But this wasn't always the case for me!

It was hard to celebrate halloween when I was in my teens... when I was young, we went trick-or-treating. But as soon as I hit 11... I found it hard... my parents didn't really want me to be out on Halloween night on my own (and rightly so!). So for those years, I wasn't sure what to do... Do I tell my friends that I'm busy with my family? or should I just tell them, I wasn't allowed?! :o( How sucky was that!

But now, that I'm 20... I know how to enjoy it! For the last few years, we had been doing a family and friends movie night, which consisted of all the Asian kids on the street! We would just pick a house and pick a movie, and stay out till LATE watching movies!

But this year was by far the best... [not because of the quality of the movie as the girl who organised it this year didn't have movies!!!] but because it was the first time we all fit in!
Before, it was really awkward for us older kids to have the younger ones with us watching the scary movies... They didn't want to hang around us as much as we didn't wanna hang around them... Our parents forced us to.

But this time round...those young kids were young adults...all between 15-19... they faced the same challenges I faced as an Asian in a western world...and it became hugely apparent in the time we spent on Halloween night that we were not that different. It was great to know that finally we had a link, a connection. We belonged together as a group. We ended up having a blast on Halloween and talking about things that would have been spoken of before this night!
It's great to (finally) have a network friends in your family who understand!

As you can see from the above, we had a ninja, a molly dolly, a male hooker, a vampire, a nerd, a manga character, the joker, a pimp and smiling zombie at the bottom there!!

Hope you all had a great Halloween, as I did!

Happy Halloween!
Bina :o)

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