Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The MESS is back!

The fitters are BACK to try and fix the mess they left behind!!! We decided because of the LACK of space in my room, that I needed to get Sliding Wardrobes... Now, in fairness, it wasn't too bad. I actually like my new wardrobe! Actually I LOVE it! There's so much more space in my room, it's fantastic! And I'm also able to chuck in crap that I leave lying around so that my room is still "tidy"...hehe! (Just don't look in the wardrobe!)

But there were a few problems... like... Photos follow...!

1. they never finished it at the top, so we can still see the ceilings.

2. they didn't fit the frame of the sliding door properly so we can still see the floor

3. and the center isn't centered so... the pulley drawers hit off the sliding doors and have left a mark!

So they are going to HAVE to probably re-do the entire thing... so I have yet to see the damage! lol! ;op

Let see how it goes...

Bina :o)

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