Friday, October 30, 2009

Graham Norton, anyone...?

I was watching Mock the Week on BBC one day [it was ages ago] and I was wondering how you get to be in the audience (because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Dara O'Briain...such a funny man!)! So I went online and did a bit of research! And I found a website after a few minutes!

I signed up to it which emailed you free tickets for various shows! I'd been getting lots of random emails regarding new shows that had not yet been aired which I've been IGNORING so far...

But then randomly, the other week, I got an email for the
tickets I requested for his chat show on BBC!!!
So of course, you do the maths...
four tickets + four girlies = FUN FUN FUN!
So I accepted the tickets, told the girlies, and now we're all flying over to LAN-DAN baby! :o) Yay! Flights and hotel booked! Eeeeeeek! Can't wait!

But jaysus, booking the flights was so annoying! Damn you Ryanair! >:( The people setting the rates for taxes and charges are just having a laugh! It was riduculous getting a flight for €9.99 then, ending up with a total of €50 each for the one flight over!!! And worse still, prices constantly changed! So we were trying to book the flights together but it was difficult when we weren't constantly together. At first Luton was cheapest to fly with, but prices soon SOARED! So I told the girlies to wait one more day before booking!

In the end, [screw you, Michael O'Leary in the same way you tried to screw us is business, no hard feelings], we got our flights for under €30 each via Stansted (which was significantly lower than the day before!).


Graham Norton is gonna be FAB! Watch out London! The Irish are invading! :o)

Bina :o)

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