Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today, Bina is... PROCRASTINATING!

It's true... I'm definitely finding wonderful ways to procrastinate... and oddly enough, it doesn't involve sewing! I haven't had any fabric...or any time for fabric shopping and am considering purchasing fabric online...(will update if I find any good sellers!)

So yesterday I made a video... today? I decided to cook!

I'm now grossed out by meat (slightly... but not enough to turn me back to vegetarian ways!) I had to debone the meat, stick it into a blender to make mince and add vegetable.

It turned out great! Like mini chicken burgers... or dippers ...or fritters! Whatever you want to call it! Don't they look yummy!!!

The best part... I get the first taste!
The worst part... the washing up! :( lol! :)

Bina :o)

Friday, February 26, 2010

The End is Near!

It's the Friday of Hilary Term Six of my final year... which means next week is Reading Week... (a week off to 'study', I mean STUDY!) but that all implies, I only have four weeks of lectures, and two weeks of study left! :-o

Now I know what you're thinking! 'Calm down... you'll do fine in your exams!' (which I have to start properly studying for ASAP... i.e this week woman!)

But I'm actually panicking because of the thought of not seeing these people everyday!

God, I love my friends!

Bina :o)

Monday, February 22, 2010

So cold.... brrrrrrrrr!!!

I know I often complain about it being so cold!! But it really is!

I had such high hopes to go to the gym this morning! My alarm went off at 6.30 in the morning and I flicked on the radio in time for the news while I had a snooze...

And guess what the temperature was... -5 degrees Celcius! Yuck!

So I decided not to go swimming. I don't want to catch a cold, see!

And I slept in til 10! Yikes!

I snoozed til 10! And decided I needed to get up! And I was fully expecting it to be white outside with a blanket of snow! (So much so, that I was considering getting my wellies out from the shed!) And what happens? I get up, look out my window and nothing! Looks like a normal day! I can still see the ground! lol!

So boy, did I feel guilty?! I'll make up for it 2mro! :P

And this time, I'll keep warm in my nice new BESS hoodie! :) Yay!

Bina :o)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

So it's that time of year again, the holiday that Hallmark just loves!!!

As a solo lady, I decided to embrace my single status and celebrate it. So I made a heart keycharms for my friends who were also celebrating their first V-Day without a b-f.

It was made from baby pink polymor clay. I decided to paint it red, but I didn't have any acryllic paint! :( I was informed (through a bit of websurfing) that poster paint (or any water-based paint) DOES NOT WORK!

But all I had was watercolours or regular poster paint! :( So I tried it out anyway, and it's true... poster paint sucks on polymer clay! The paint just slides off; it can be wiped off really easily! So I dapped the paint on using the spokes and let it dry and applied some clear nail polish. And it gave off this really cool effect!!!

Because I was making it for my friends, I wrote 'Me' on one side and 'You' on the other. I also made some mini hearts, I added some links and made the keyring. I had a few left over and made myself a phone charm! :)

Who says Valentine's Day is for couples...?

Happy Singles Appreciation Day!!!

In the words of Beyonce,
All the single ladies, PUT YO HANDS UP!
And if you really hate all this Valentine's nonsense... Happy Chinese New Year!!! :)

Hope you're having a great day however you decide to celebrate today!!!!

ARGH!!!! Unfortunately for me, today is sorta tainted by sickness! I went out last night... and feel a bit flu-ey today!! Who am I kidding?! I did it, I ATE CHEESE!!! (I'm not supposed to eat cheese... but I'm NOT lactose-intolerant!) I had cheese on crackers last night before going out... So today, I AM suffering! lol!!!

So I had to drink the yucky Disprin water that's supposed to make me recover! :( And I'm staying in my PJ's all day!!! Muhahaha!Luckily for me, my mom just opened up the box of Lindt choccies!!! Yum yum!

Whatever you decide to do, have a great day!!

Bina :o)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's TAF Week!!

It's Trinity Arts Festival Week this week!!!

This usually means nothing to me... absolutely diddley-squat... but not this year...

In all my years at Trinity College Dublin, I have never really done anything as a part of this amazing festival... so I thought this year, it'll be different!

I read a little schedule. And they have so many amazing events on this year!

Yesterday, I visited the Provost's House!!! This probably means absolutely nothing to you, but it's definitely one thing I can cross off my list... Originally, I actually wanted to meet the Provost and get a photo with him... (I think I'll try do this at Trinity Ball when he's dressed in his finest! lol!) If I can't do that... what's the next best thing? ... getting into his gaff! haha! Oh yea!

And today, I went to a 'make your own jewellery' session! And I made this beautiful piece!

Unfortunately, I ended up having to choose jewellery making over a talk with Apprentice Star Bill Cullen! But all was not lost, I ended up bumping into him on Front Square! yay! totally starstruck! Eep!

Tomorrow, there's a clothes customising workshop on... but unfortunately, I have to do an on-site meeting for a college assignment... Also gonna miss Thrillah! Which was set to be the biggest event ever... (sorry Richie!).

I'm still buzzing from the jewellerymaking!!! :) :)

Check this shizzle out! :D

Bina :o)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ah, the stress of it all...!

Final year is nearing the end... we're halfway through and I still haven't got plans for the summer, let alone, the REST OF MY LIFE...! Confusion strikes me, as I plow through career websites, application forms, online registrations and notifications...

Plenty of opportunity out there... but the real question is, do I want to grab it? There is so much to choose from, and I find myself questioning whether or not it is what I want to do...? Worse still is, do they want me????

Deadlines for the Big-4 passed by back in November (for those of you who don't what the Big-4 are, they are the top four financial companies that offer graduate recruitment programmes!) ...and I only managed to score and interview with one of them! (I was unsuccessful, but they were very helpful in providing me with information, feedback and advice!) It was the same old story with the others... "due to the overwhelming response, we regret to inform you" blah blah blah...!

Now that the summer is almost here, I have been pondering on what to do... I have almost completely run out of funds... which leaves me with very little to start the summer off with... it is clear that I need to find a job... but I want to find one that is somewhat related to my field of business. What's the point of spending four years in a course, and not using it in life?

However, can I afford to be picky? Reality is, that in this day-and-age (hate that phrase! lol!), where unemployment is rife, I must apply everywhere, and to everything... (I mean, did you see the queue for the post of manager in Centra on Grafton Street!)... I gotta pull up my socks and get out there...

Otherwise, my wallet will continue to contain as little as this... :( lol!
[The cards have 0.00 credit on them and the bus ticket only has a few journeys left on it! haha!]

All in all, it's back to the careers website I go... wish me luck! *whispers good luck* hehee!

Now, back to the study...

Bina :o)
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