Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's TAF Week!!

It's Trinity Arts Festival Week this week!!!

This usually means nothing to me... absolutely diddley-squat... but not this year...

In all my years at Trinity College Dublin, I have never really done anything as a part of this amazing festival... so I thought this year, it'll be different!

I read a little schedule. And they have so many amazing events on this year!

Yesterday, I visited the Provost's House!!! This probably means absolutely nothing to you, but it's definitely one thing I can cross off my list... Originally, I actually wanted to meet the Provost and get a photo with him... (I think I'll try do this at Trinity Ball when he's dressed in his finest! lol!) If I can't do that... what's the next best thing? ... getting into his gaff! haha! Oh yea!

And today, I went to a 'make your own jewellery' session! And I made this beautiful piece!

Unfortunately, I ended up having to choose jewellery making over a talk with Apprentice Star Bill Cullen! But all was not lost, I ended up bumping into him on Front Square! yay! totally starstruck! Eep!

Tomorrow, there's a clothes customising workshop on... but unfortunately, I have to do an on-site meeting for a college assignment... Also gonna miss Thrillah! Which was set to be the biggest event ever... (sorry Richie!).

I'm still buzzing from the jewellerymaking!!! :) :)

Check this shizzle out! :D

Bina :o)

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