Monday, February 22, 2010

So cold.... brrrrrrrrr!!!

I know I often complain about it being so cold!! But it really is!

I had such high hopes to go to the gym this morning! My alarm went off at 6.30 in the morning and I flicked on the radio in time for the news while I had a snooze...

And guess what the temperature was... -5 degrees Celcius! Yuck!

So I decided not to go swimming. I don't want to catch a cold, see!

And I slept in til 10! Yikes!

I snoozed til 10! And decided I needed to get up! And I was fully expecting it to be white outside with a blanket of snow! (So much so, that I was considering getting my wellies out from the shed!) And what happens? I get up, look out my window and nothing! Looks like a normal day! I can still see the ground! lol!

So boy, did I feel guilty?! I'll make up for it 2mro! :P

And this time, I'll keep warm in my nice new BESS hoodie! :) Yay!

Bina :o)

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