Friday, February 5, 2010

Ah, the stress of it all...!

Final year is nearing the end... we're halfway through and I still haven't got plans for the summer, let alone, the REST OF MY LIFE...! Confusion strikes me, as I plow through career websites, application forms, online registrations and notifications...

Plenty of opportunity out there... but the real question is, do I want to grab it? There is so much to choose from, and I find myself questioning whether or not it is what I want to do...? Worse still is, do they want me????

Deadlines for the Big-4 passed by back in November (for those of you who don't what the Big-4 are, they are the top four financial companies that offer graduate recruitment programmes!) ...and I only managed to score and interview with one of them! (I was unsuccessful, but they were very helpful in providing me with information, feedback and advice!) It was the same old story with the others... "due to the overwhelming response, we regret to inform you" blah blah blah...!

Now that the summer is almost here, I have been pondering on what to do... I have almost completely run out of funds... which leaves me with very little to start the summer off with... it is clear that I need to find a job... but I want to find one that is somewhat related to my field of business. What's the point of spending four years in a course, and not using it in life?

However, can I afford to be picky? Reality is, that in this day-and-age (hate that phrase! lol!), where unemployment is rife, I must apply everywhere, and to everything... (I mean, did you see the queue for the post of manager in Centra on Grafton Street!)... I gotta pull up my socks and get out there...

Otherwise, my wallet will continue to contain as little as this... :( lol!
[The cards have 0.00 credit on them and the bus ticket only has a few journeys left on it! haha!]

All in all, it's back to the careers website I go... wish me luck! *whispers good luck* hehee!

Now, back to the study...

Bina :o)

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