Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Projects so far...

Hi all,

I have mentioned that I have done a lot of projects already! So I thought I'd just post them all up... (just in case u thought I was all talk)...made a lot of random bits and pieces already... some pressies, some for me (hehe...I'm so greedy!)

Anyway, here they are... hope you like them!

(Pic will be up soon!)
Be Proud Of Where You Come From
This is the first thing I ever did on my own... it was a really loose boys tee ...we have tonnes of these! Don't know why, but we just FEEL the need to bring back loads of tourist-y stuff back from every visit home to Nepal, so I turned it into a fitted tank! I found that them straps are not as easy to do as ppl say! Maybe that's just me tho! I am often the ODD ONE! :o)

Purple Floral Print Blouse Top
This was my first proper official project on a sewing machine! I went to a sewing class and everything for it! Bought proper fabric, and ribbon, and a spool of thread! Ten weeks, for two hours of learning how to use a sewing machine properly and some good old girly gossip as well! And this was the outcome!!! Well worth it! :o)

Flower Denim Skirt
I made these from an old pair of skinnies that I absolutely loved!! I thought it would be easy enough... just snip off the legs and cut a straight line through! But then, when I started to do it, I realised, "not so much!"... I wanted a skirt, not a belt!!! So I cut it to the length I wanted... and then realised, it wasn't as easy as that... the crotch bit had to be sorted first! After a lot of pinning and rejigging, I did it!!! And it looks fine! And I added a little custom flower to it, looks uber cute on!
Knitting Projects
I made a few ventures into the world of knitting and crocheting... and I made these little bits and bobs... I've got quite the knack for it! I originally started to make the scarf first (sometime LAST YEAR, probably, summer '08!) and obviously, it took AGES so I got a wee bit distracted... But then I started to crochet this summer and I tried out the hat first, then I made the cute little baby booties!

I'll post up more, so keep an eye out!

Bina :o)

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