Thursday, June 3, 2010

Purple Swim Sun Dress

It's such a beautiful day outside so I decided to dress up and sit out in the sun (with my SPF 30 of course!) ... I bought a new dress yesterday while I was out... didn't even try it on but it looks great!! So I'm uber-happy!!! :) It's a halterneck swimdress dress to wear a bikini under...but it looks well as a day dress (which I badly NEED! All I own are formal dresses, nothing casual!)

Dress: Dunnes Stores (sale) €4.00
Cardi: Topshop €18.00
Vest: Penneys €4.00
Heels: Heatons (sale) €7.00
Chunky Gold Bracelet: Penneys €3.00
Thin Gold Bracelet [part of three (originally silver!)]: Penneys
Thin Wooden bracelet [part of three]: A-Wear (present)
Earrings: Penneys (sale) €0.50
Headband: Penneys (sale) €1.00
Flower Ring: Penneys: €3.00
Pearl Bracelet [part of necklace-bracelet set]: Dunnes (sale) €3.00

I hope you have a lovely sunny day! Don't forget your sun protection! :)

Bina :o)


  1. Hi ya nice to see another fellow DIY-yer... keep up with the good work :)

  2. In reference to your comment about putting tights in the freezer, omg! Have never thought of it! Will most definitly try it out...! I love your outfit too... :)

    Love love love,



  3. Thanks RIG! I'm loving your latest LBD... the brooch looks AMAZING!!! Handmade? :)

  4. yeah Bina everything is hand made ;)


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