Friday, July 30, 2010

Teddy Bear Ears

This is a cute little soft hat that I made from an old hoodie that was being binned anyway, after I got it CAUGHT on a bush which ripped a hole in the side!

Secretlifeofabionerd recently posted up a tutorial for a Cosplay Pikachu Beanie Hat. I was watching it when my brother happened to creep up behind me to attack me, but thankfully, he then got distracted by the coolness that is this hat!!!

He had now demanded that I make this hat for him, and he has set me a deadline (Tuesday, 3rd August)! ^_^ Don't worry, I was actually excited by this! He's never asked me to make him anything before and I'm looking forward to making it for him!

But I needed to make a test hat! (I do tend to fail in my sewing conquests! ...and I didn't want it to be a complete and utter disappointment to my bro when I rolled up to him with a pathetic hat... hehee!)

Teddy Bear Ears Hat

So, I whipped up this teddy bear ears hat with an old red hoodie and a white tee I got for free! It's a wee bit small for my head! But I think it'll make a nice little present for my cousin's little girl!

KL Cao of Secretlifeofabionerd actually has this hat on sale in her online shop. It's where I got my inspiration from.

I might add a similar bow to make it even more kawaii. Anyway, for now, here's ho
w it looks!

The front

The back

Bina :o)

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