Thursday, July 29, 2010

Freedom at Topshop haul

(Sorry to anyone who randomly happens to stumble upon my blog and cannot get to Dublin in time! ...)

Get yourself to Topshop in Arnotts on Henry Street. Bargains galore! And I didn't even have to climb downstairs! In fact I ended up spending €10.00 (which was further reduced to €9.00 with student discount! ^_^ tehehee!) for items that actually totalled €90 all together...shocking, ain't it?

So it all began with a trip out to town today for a few bank-related errands... and of course, I couldn't help but visit a few shops!

And I wasn't planning on going into Arnotts, but I happened to peek my head through the
entrance (against the wishes of my brother) and found so many bargains! There were two rails (back and front) full of jewellery pieces for less than 3euro! Most of them were only 1euro!!! ^_^ Happy days!

I didn't dare go downstairs to the clothes (cos I really should be concentrating on finding a job to earn money, rather than spend it!)

Here are a few items that I picked up!

cream lace bow brooch pin

golden autumn leaves neckpiece

love necklace

heartbreaker necklace (two chains and two pendants)

pearl heart earrings and sunflower earrings set

vertical diamante love necklace

So, get yourself down to Topshop (in Arnotts) asap!

Bina :o)

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