Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need a drink!

... of OJ!

Unfortunately, over the last while, my creative juices have not being flowing the way I want them too... in fact, they're pretty much non-existant.

I feel as though I have lost a bit of my identity in the last few months. Finishing up at university and more significantly, having no concrete plans for the future have left me lost. I have no purpose in life, and this has had a huge impact on my wellbeing. I feel like I have lost myself in the last while and I am determined to get back to me!

So I'm gonna TRY and start sewing again, boost my creative juices... with a bit of orange juice and a SMALL but significant (to me) sewing project!
I'm going to try out this gorgeous bow tie neckpiece from Kaitlin of
She posted up this tutorial on a while ago. I instantly fell in love with this when I saw it... so let's see how I get on!

Bina :o)

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