Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goodbye Threadbanger?

If you haven't heard by now, well, where have you sewing DIY buddies gone - Rob, Corinne and Meg have left the Threadbanger building! *sniff* *sniff* *sniff*.

There has been huge uproar in the Threadbanger forum and Youtube over how talented trio left no "real" explanation for their decisions to leave. But is that really fair? People have decided that they are owed an explanation...what?! why???

Over the last two weeks, I have watched as comments such as 'where are you? why are you not posting up any more videos anymore?' and 'i thought this was a sewing channel'... but who are we to demand that Meg, Rob or Corinne provide us with the reason they left? Clearly, there are some background issues involved. Many of the regular bloggers on threadbanger have also left. Even TB's newest installment, Secretlifeofabionerd wasn't informed that they were leaving. She was in fact excited to be working alongside the dynamic trio as she has stated in many of her replies to distasteful hate comments under her videos.
I was shocked to see such mean comments towards bionerd and how many comments were hypocritical in nature (as she and many of her fans touch on in their many replies).

I, myself will be upset to see them go. Despite the fact that I was never extremely active on TB and I had never really contacted Meg, Rob or Corinne, I did enjoy their many videos and they will be sorely missed. I always looked forward to the next video that TB put up on youtube. But now, I'm excited about replaying their old videos and doing the projects that I never got around to!

I must admit that I might unsubscribe to the Threadbanger channel if they don't find someone else (ALONG with bionerd). It is annoying that the same video comes up twice in my updates (as I am subscribed to both TB and bionerd).

But I wish Corinne, Rob and Meg the BEST OF LUCK with their future projects! I know they won't need it tho! and THANK YOU for all the hard work you've put in for us threadheads... (even if some of them seem ungrateful now!)

btw, Meg/Corinne/Rob...if one of you happen to stumble on this random blog post in the world of blogosphere, please keep us posted with what ever exciting plans lie ahead! I am following your twitters!
(In order of appearance) Meg, Corinne and Rob

I'd also like to wish Secretlifeofabionerd ALL THE BEST with her regular stint on TB. I hope she continues to experience the success that she has had so far! :) (btw, congratulations on getting a stint on TB... I know that she started out as threadhead and was a fan of TB during her journey! So it's great to see her progress to where she is now!)

I hope the trio are happy and that bionerd is ignoring the bad, because the good she achieves will be worth it in the end.

Thank you to gothictany73 for making this tribute to the trio. It was beautiful.

Bina :o)

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