Sunday, August 1, 2010


I did it! I made the Pikachu hat! And with plenty of time to spare! ^_^

(pic up soon, I promise!!!)

As I mentioned in my last post, my brother gave me orders to make this hat for him which he had seen on Secretlifeofabionerd!

Inspiration from Secretlifeofabionerd

My bro gave me until Tuesday to make this hat! But I've actually finished it today!

It was actually rather a fun project to do! Really easy and I couldn't help but smile as the piece started to take shape and look like Pikachu!

It was recommended that you use a stretch fleece, but unfortunately, after trekking all over Dublin city centre... I could not find a fabric store that stocked a yellow stretch fleece (or a stretch fleece!). So I popped into Penneys (Primark in Ireland for those that don't know) and purchased a XL mens yellow tee for €3 after some advice from the staff at Fabric Select (who were very very lovely!).

I still have enough left to make a second hat!... should I? (I think my brother would kill me, either that or die of embarrassment if that his sister has a matching hat! hehe!)

Bina :o)

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