Friday, May 28, 2010

Dress Form Tutorial

Hi guys,

I have badly needed one of these forEVER (well, that's what it feels like!) And I had been doing a lot of research online about looking into buying a dress form when... guess what! The internet came to my rescue! Make your own body form... (one that is FAR more accurate to your body shape...AND significantly cheaper....yes please!)

All you need is duct tape, scissors and a tshirt (or black plastic bag).

Saw this idea originally on Threadbanger. This video is great! :)

But also, I read that there was another video available on Mimi Goodwin's blog.
But for some reason, Mimi's video would not load for me.

So I decided, since I was gonna be making one anyway... I might as well make a video for others to check out as well! :)

Note: This is not an original idea by me, it is simply my attempt to produce something I need in a cheap and resourceful way! :o)

Hope this video helps you!

Special thanks to my bestest buddy for helping me tape myself up! lol!

Bina :o)

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