Thursday, May 27, 2010

Making Photo Collages

Need a present ASAP?

I have found that nothing says 'personal' like a photo collage and I've become a REAL fan of making photo collages since my secondary school days. I don't have a tutorial on how to make one... but it's pretty self explanatory! Bit of Prittstick, fancy paper, frame, the pictures and boom...Photo collage done!

I'm always collecting bits and pieces of scrapbooking paper with the intention of using them in future photo collages... Here's my little collection... (I've reused A4 covers and dividers from folders).

Here are a few photo collages that I have made over the last few years...

(Enter pic here)

This was made for Dilu's birthday back in 2006.
We had taken a class trip to Dingle where we got to meet Fungi the dolphin :o)

This was made for Kim's 20th Birthday in 2008.
We (Dilu and I) printed the photo using a Kodak Picture Kiosk in our local pharmacy.
These kiosks are great, because they give you the option to print photos in miniature sizes,
allowing you to put four pictures on the one photo card.

We finished with feathers around the frame, stickers randomly placed
and a personalised message in the middle!

I made this for Jess when she graduated in 2009.
We got to know Jess via Matt and she was leaving for home (back in NY) and
we had all bonded over Trinity Ball that year, so I felt we had to do something small.

This was recently made for Matt's Leaving Do last week.
(Hence why I had to wait to post this up!... Couldn't post it before he received his surprise pressie!)
Matt was leaving for home (back in NJ) and was starting work in Philly
so we had to get him a going away pressie!
We used personalised messages from each of us and
positioned the mini pictures around one main picture of Matt.

Looks good, doesn't it?

I don't think it matters whether you print on photo paper or not... I've done both (depending on my funds available lol!)... And I found that printing colour on normal paper works as well as printing on photo paper! :) Below, the former is done with photo paper, and the latter is done with normal A4 paper. Really does not make a difference, it still looks good!

So next time you need a good present... try this out!

Bina :o)

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