Thursday, December 3, 2009

Expensive Taste? Not!

Who says you can't look good on a budget? Whoever said it couldn't be done, was clearly telling porkies! Because I just had the BEST shopping trip ever which inspired me to write this post!

I think I spent probably under €30, and I got three new outfits out of it and! Yay! Go me!!! So I thought I'd share my goodies with you... I've added these key pieces to things I already own to create my new outfits.

Below are pictures of the cute outfits! Can't wait to have an excuse to wear them out!! Eek!
[I have also labelled which items are newly bought, and which items have been lying around in the back of my closet! :o) ]

It's Christmas Time

New: X-Mas Jumper and scarf combo - €5.00 (Penneys)
New: Fake uggs - €6.00 (Dunnes)
Old: Leggings - €2.00 (Penneys)
Old: Hat - 40ZLN (Poland)

Floral Carpet Dress

New: Floral Dress - €7.00 (Dunnes)
Old: Tights - €3.00 (Dunnes)

Gold Member

New: Navy Dress - €3.00 (Penneys)
New: Handbag - €1.00 (Penneys)
Old: Tights - €3.00 (Dunnes)
Old: Cardi - €4.00 (MK One)
(pics will be up soon!)
Loose Blouse Dress

New: Dress - €5.00 (Dunnes)
Old: Shoes - €20.00 (Penneys)

Got such a good bargain! Thank goodness for reduced items! :o) The recessionista lives on...

Bina :o)

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