Sunday, December 20, 2009

N*RDie present

I was thinking of a Christmas present for my little brother, but I hadn't thought of any great ideas...

And I had this laptop case lying around, that I got as a college freebie! A company, trying to attract graduates for recruitment purposes, was handing out laptop bags that were branded with their logo[it's been blurred out in the pic below].

Normally, it's only pens and rulers that you get, but I jumped at the chance to grab something's just what you do as a POOR college student! haha!
Before: Laptop Bag Lying around

Anyway, I decided to applique something over the logo and give it to my brother as part of his Christmas present. I had kept a bunch of socks that didn't have a pair... and I had a scrap of fabric leftover from other projects.

So I decided to applique the word, nerd on it. [Decided later to applique 'N*RD' ...kinda neat, eh!]
After: Laptop Bag with Applique lettering

Bina :o)

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