Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raining Men? Uh oh! Didn't bring a brolly!

This week started on such a high! We were being pursued by men... and who doesn't love a bit of attention from members of the opposite sex!

It may seem silly, but honestly, I'm not exaggerating! It's the first time since all the girls are all single... that finally, we're all enjoying it!

It feels like after such a LONG DROUGHT of no action...

Humidity's rising, Barometer's getting low!
According to all sources, the street's the place to go!
... It's raining men!

But now, our high doesn't seem quite "high"... Guys are just not even worth the hassle! :(

I know for me, I haven't had much attention over the last year, and I was so flattered to find out that there was someone who liked me (this is beside the point... but he was so yummy, hottie indeed!) I turned to "giggley schoolgirl" mode and was so excited about it. I couldn't help smiling about it, and got slightly obsessed about it, ONLY SLIGHTLY. :o) (It really is the last thing I need, especially in my final year in college!)

But after finding myself getting so easily distracted, I called myself up on it. Why was I letting a man turned me all googley-eyed? Why was I being a total sap about it? The newfound attention wasn't as great as we thought it was initially... As a friend described so aptly, "I'm drowning in the flood".

So I took action, I did not want to turn into THAT girl again. (God knows that I've been that person before... I could not let it re-occur!) The same friend as above has a rule, you see... "Outta my phone, outta my life". I deleted all text messages that I had sent and received. I would have deleted his number but I thought it was best to keep it, if I ever needed to contact him.

After this, I felt like I got my strength back. I'll leave it to him to contact him, ball is totally in his court! :o) Until then, I can continue on, getting on with finding myself and focussing on me for a change, not another man! And I suddenly felt so empowered.

I still see him around now and again, and of course, there is still some mutual flirting and nice sexual tension. But now, I can walk away from it, without a feeling of anxiety! I am now able to separate that aspect of my life and not let it affect me as much as it would have.

Girls, it's so easy to say, "I'd never let a man change me" but when you're in that position, it's very difficult... I found myself change. I let my world revolve around my man... but next time, it won't be the same...

I can't say that I will never let a man change me... but I can definitely say that whatever happens, I will stay as true to myself as I can.

Bina :o)

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