Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthday Surprise!

I love my friends!!! <3

The girls have not been able to surprise me for my birthday for the last few years! So they've really got me this year... Before today, I had always spoiled the surprise for myself by walking in on them setting up the cake etc! :o) Whoops!

But this year... they totally got me! I was starting to suspect something was going on, because there was alot of texting and whispering going on! It was either birthday related OR they were bitching about me...thankfully, it was NOT the latter! :o)

I just assumed they were organising a present for me or something! I had been thinking of getting out of college early and just heading home and now that I think about it, the girls were being so good about it! They came up with great excuses about how it was just a waste of time, and I would not getting anything done, had I gone home. And to atleast stay for lunch with them... cos it would be nice to catch up etc etc! (I should have copped it then!)

Well I should have copped it the day before when one of the girls came over last night and picked an outfit for me to wear for today!? Yeah, I know... I'm slow! :o)

But I walked into the campus food hall! And... a friend was waiting there with my M&S cake and candles all alight! And singing soon followed! The girls were like; did you guess? Did you have any suspicions at all?

And I could honestly say that I HAD NO IDEA that this was happening!!!

They even managed to get a few old friends there too!

So well done girlies! :o) You got me good! Love you all!

Bina :o)

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