Sunday, November 1, 2009

Laptop Shopping!

Finally found a laptop for my younger bro! He is one of the fussiest people I know! And has been laptop-less for months!

Initially he had decided on the HP PC tablet (which we got for my older brother for his bday last year!)... but my older bro advised against it due to the uber low battery life!

Then he wanted a Toshiba that was very similar in shape and design to the HP... but he didn't like the keypad... (when you pressed down on a key, it was as if the entire keyboard was about to collapse in!)

Finally, he settled on the HP Pavillion DV3 ...but the one I pointed out to him when he preferred the Toshiba had sold out! Grrrr!

In the end, he found the newest touchscreen version of the HP DV3 and bought it for €1200


Who said girls were worse than boys? Because they were lying!

Bina :o)

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