Friday, September 25, 2009

Upcycled Gypsy Dress

So it's back to college time! And it was Freshers Week this past week and I thought to myself... I need new college clothes! But RECESSION equals no money for Bina...

So I created this dress on Tuesday night in just a few hours! :) I made it from an old tee and a skirt I got for a euro AGES AGO in the sales... it was an ugly skirt (well, it made me look frumpy and ugly)... and I turned it into a beautiful dress! :) it's the first thing I've made with the new sewing machine!

Snaps for me! *clicks fingers*

Something nice for me to wear into college!

Upcycled Gypsy Dress
I added a frill along the bottom of the collar so that the two pieces fit together better and used a belt to draw in my waist and make it look more fitted!Got myself a lovely new dress!
Bina :o)

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